Welcome at Café De Kleine Witte

Our café is one of the oldest family-owned cafés in The Hague, located on the Mallemolen, also known as the ‘Montmartre’ of The Hague. It was founded by our ancestors in 1883 and has been kept in the Balemans-Rijvers family for the last four generations.

Every Thursday there’s a new special of the day and… on the last Thursday of every month an original ‘Indische’ [Indonesian] dish.

It’s the traffic-free quiet atmosphere of the street too that makes a visit to our café special, and it’s so easy to access on foot. In short, a great night out in a café on a street where you can really feel at home.

Café de kleine witte

Kleine Witte DUA

You can find De Kleine Witte DUA at the opposite of the café De Kleine Witte. At the Kleine Witte DUA you can make a reservation for company drinks, private dining, birthday parties, meeting rooms and other occasions. So keep a close eye on the website of De Kleine Witte's Facebook.

Make a reservation at Kleine Witte DUA


Welcome to the history of Café De Kleine Witte. In the year 1883 the Café De Kleine Witte opened a tasting room and off licence. Very soon after, the shop was appointed to the royal family as Prince Hendrik, the husband of Queen Wilhelmina, quickly discovered where he could get his gin from wooden barrels.

Soldiers of the former ‘Frederikskazerne’ used to hold many animated discussions in the café about how the country should really be governed; the rose-coloured spectacles getting thicker after every drink! A beautiful bronze plaque in the café is a nice memory of this period.

The name De Kleine Witte originated during this period and was derived from the ‘Societeit The Witte. The name De Grote Witte [the Great White] was designated for the officers and the ordinary men were not allowed to go there. A solution was found quickly: After closing the gates, hop quickly over the wall and go to De Kleine Witte.